DuckClient Source Code Repository

This is a Mercurial repository. To get a copy, try:
hg clone DuckClient
You'll probably want to follow that with
hg update v5.x


v5.x is the current active branch; it's a bugfix and minor feature branch for v5.0 and up.

default has the start of a new database-based settings infrastructure, which was in an incomplete state when I decided to EOL the project.

The quality of this code varies widely. The earliest portions were some of the first serious Javascript I wrote, and it shows. main.js in particular is quite sloppy in places. I never fully refactored it because I'm reluctant to refactor working code.

Some files that may be of particular interest:


If all you want is to make an unpackaged Chrome Web App you can load in Developer Mode, run build/ This will fetch the necessary CA root certificates and process them. You will need perl and curl as prerequisites.

To build the stand-alone versions, you will need node and npm. Run npm install in the repository root, to install the necessary dependencies. Then run build/ This will build whatever standalone binaries are supported on your platform, plus a ZIP package of the Chrome Web App.

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