DuckClient 5.4 is out, with some important bugfixes:

  • Fixed a race condition that could cause incoming text to appear out of order
  • Fixed a bug where garbled or unsupported ANSI sequences could cause DuckClient to hang.
  • World settings are now properly saved when data is pasted in using the mouse. Previously this only worked when data was typed.
  • NAWS now gives a more conservative estimate of the number of columns in the display, avoiding accidental linewrap issues on servers that use that value to size text boxes.

One feature addition:

  • The text entry box's colors are now configurable in Preferences.

And one miscellaneous improvement:

  • Forge, the library DuckClient uses for SSL and TLS encryption, has been upgraded to v0.8.0. This appears to have fixed compatibility issues with at least one host.