Standalone versions of DuckClient are now available for Linux (32-bit), Windows 7 and later (32-bit and 64-bit), and macOS (64-bit). These are based on node-webkit and do not require Chrome. However, they are still experimental. In particular, there are the following known issues:

  • Settings sync does not work. You can still manually export your settings from DuckClient with Other, Back up Settings and then import them into the standalone version with Other, Restore Settings, however.
  • An error message is not always displayed when the server drops the connection, although the connection status icon will still change to red.
  • There is currently no automatic update mechanism.
  • There are no installers yet, but they can be unpacked and run in situ.
  • There may be dependency issues, particularly with the Linux version.

See the download directory if you want to try it out.