This version features some quality-of-life improvements for MUD players, plus fixes for some issues with SSL, autologin, and trigger windows.

  • The Forge SSL library has been updated; SSL connections to Socio-Political Ramifications no longer fail with "Received TLS record out of order."
  • SSL certificates are now checked against a bundle of CA certificates, and the user is only prompted if this fails.  This more closely follows what browsers do, and makes sense now that "real" certificates are easier to come by.  Note that due to limitations in Forge, the bundle is not complete; some legitimate certificates may still prompt the user for verification.  Let's Encrypt certificates are specifically known to work, though.
  • MUD Client Compression Protocol versions 1 and 2 are now supported.
  • Local echo is now supported. This is a pretty minimalist implementation -- currently there's no way to style the echoed text, for example -- but it will be improved in a future release.
  • Bugfix: Autologin data will no longer be sent twice when a host takes more than two seconds to negotiate telnet options.
  • Bugfix: A race condition was fixed that could cause doubled text in a trigger window when it first opened, coupled with a dropped line in the main window.
  • The list of valid top-level domains for URL detection has been updated.
  • A summary of changes will open in a tab the first time a new version is run.