What's New

DuckClient 5.5 released

DuckClient 5.5 is out! It will automatically become available in the Chrome Web Store as soon as it passes review, and standalone builds are available in the downloads directory for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This version features one new feature -- Tor support. This is experimental and shouldn't be relied on for serious security, but it's still potentially useful for keeping your IP private from servers, or keeping the servers you use private from your ISP. Be sure to read the help for more information.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • youtu.be links are blacklisted from URL preview, to avoid unexpectedly playing audio
  • DuckClient now waits longer for telnet negotiation to complete before trying to actively probe the server. Often it can get server type information from MSSP or guess it based on what options the server offers, and in those cases DuckClient will no longer send the @version command.
  • To improve privacy in the standalone version, nw.js's launch settings have been changed to avoid phoning home to Google. These connections were pretty innocuous but they were also unnecessary.

  • 8bit-plus-trigger--window
  • trigger-dialog-3-0
  • world-dialog-3-0

Simple Image Gallery Extended

  • Works on any Chrome OS™ device.
  • Standalone, with no external proxies or dependencies. Makes a direct telnet connection to the MU* server.
  • All your settings, login details, and triggers can follow you from device to device via Google Sync™.

This plus everything you'd expect in a full-fledged MUCK client:

  • Triggers based on wildcard or regular expression matching. Triggers can highlight text, gag it, or pop it out into a separate window.
  • Highly reliable URL detection, with optional preview images.
  • ANSI color support, including 256-color mode.
  • UTF-8 and IBM Codepage 437 character set support.
  • TLS encryption, including auto-negotiated TLS for sites that support it.
  • Logging.
  • Command recall.
  • Auto-login.
  • Telnet keepalives to help hold idle connections open.
  • MUD Client Compression Protocol (MCCP2) support.
  • Auto-backslash mode for MUSH and MUX worlds, to protect special characters from the parser.

DuckClient is intended for conversational style worlds running on platforms such as Fuzzball, TinyMUSH, PennMUSH, and LambdaMOO.  It has been successfully used on some MUDs, but there are likely to be rough edges, since I don't have the opportunity to test against many MUD servers.


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